2018 | Laos

Since 2012, ruptures of the supply conduits began to occur at the hydro power station. The operation of the hydroelectric power station was stopped, and VietLaoPower suffered heavy losses. Several previous surveys could not provide reliable information about the nature of the ongoing processes.

As a result of the Microseismic Sounding research, a detailed geological and geophysical cross-section was compiled to a depth of up to 450 meters, visualizing separation zones, multi-tiered slickensides, a bulging zone of a landslide slope, and water infiltration within the rock mass.

The sliding area of the landslide and its size (around 1.5 million tons) were determined. This determination allowed for predicting the behavior of the landslide over an extended period and preparing engineering solutions to ensure the smooth operation of the HPP.

     Detection of active structures of violation by MMS

      Field measurements by our specialists