Refunsa Gold Area

In a groundbreaking endeavor, the power of Microseismic Sounding  Technology took center stage as it partnered with Zambia Gold Ltd to explore the historic Refunsa fault, a geological feature of immense significance.

The primary objective of this venture was to showcase the immense capabilities of Microseismic Sounding Technology to Zambia Gold Ltd, focusing on the Refunsa fault, an ancient fault line with a rich geological history. This collaboration aimed to highlight the cutting-edge approach MST brings to the table in unraveling the Earth's secrets.

To gauge the effectiveness of Microseismic Sounding Technology, Zambia Gold Ltd meticulously compared their findings with the comprehensive report prepared by Terravox, a pioneer in this innovative field. Even with the limited data available from Zambia Gold, the results from the MST surveys were striking. These surveys revealed specific areas that hold immense promise and warrant further investigation, either through exploratory drilling or by obtaining closer station spacing profiles. This detailed information promises to optimize the selection of drill sites for future exploration endeavors.

One of the most astonishing revelations emerged during Terravox's two-week blind test, where the Microseismic Sounding Technology delivered an astounding volume of data that eclipsed the cumulative output from over two years of previous geophysical studies and drilling. This revelation speaks volumes about the sheer efficiency and precision that MST brings to the exploration landscape.
The collaboration between Terravox Global Ltd and Zambia Gold Ltd stands as a testament to the transformative potential of cutting-edge geophysical methodologies. This achievement opens the door to more informed decision-making in resource exploration, ushering in a new era of efficiency, accuracy, and insight. As the industry evolves, stories like this underscore the invaluable role that technology plays in redefining how we understand and harness our planet's geological wealth.