Site selection is one of the most important steps for construction of It large infrastructure facilities, such as bridges, tunnels, dams, highways, power stations, etc, as it affects stability of the whole projects. Constructions of such facilities in the compromised location (with underground karst zones, fractures, quicksands) may lead to significant structural problems, unquantifiable expenses and delays.

It often happens that the identification of zones of strength failure near the surface section becomes problematic due to the zones of weakening which do not correlate with the lithological boundaries. This happens in the sides of mountain ranges: in canyons, on landslide slopes, on the sides of quarries, etc. The zone of loss of strength develops imperceptibly, almost without large displacements until the moment of collapse, which is the main danger of the process. 

Our GEMS technology makes it possible to detect attenuation sites with great reliability, since they are volumes of rock mass penetrated by a network of small fractures of violations and having, accordingly, relatively reduced seismic wave velocities.