The global demand for metals has surged dramatically in the past decade, driving geologists to explore innovative methods for studying ore deposits and uncovering new mineral sources.

Terravox technology presents a breakthrough solution, enabling the creation of precise 2D or 3D models capturing the intricate subsurface structures with unparalleled speed and accuracy.

Our pioneering Geological Exploration Microseismic Sounding (GEMS) technology, complementing traditional techniques, offers a reliable means to verify magnetic anomalies. This empowers geologists to uncover buried diatremes, precisely determining their spatial parameters, depth, configuration, and size, among other features. GEMS excels in assessing the volumetric shapes of diatremes and discerning their various phases and facies.

Kimberlite pipes, characterized by sub-vertical column-shaped zones with reduced velocities resulting from the ascent of degassing igneous rocks, are prime targets for our technology. Even when submerged hundreds of meters below the surface, with small plan diameters relative to their vertical size, our technology effectively surveys these elusive formations.

Setting itself apart from conventional passive seismic prospecting methods, the GEMS method boasts distinct advantages. Terravox technology excels in investigating sub-vertical boundaries and contacts, offering enhanced resolution and emphasizing interaction with these critical features.

By measuring amplitude distortions of waves at velocity contacts, our method delivers exceptional resolution in plan, outperforming comparable techniques and providing invaluable insights into subsurface structures and mineral deposits.